Need to Hire a Truck?

Whether you are based in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal or the Cape …Super Rent is proud to say that we have a branch that will be available to you! Rent a truck from one of our branches across South Africa.

Renting a truck not only eliminates the capital and maintenance associated with owning a truck but protects you from the risks involved in owning a truck too. We understand that hiring a truck is not an easy feat. Deciding on a truck to rent for the purpose you require is made easy by Super Rent in this Blog…

You would have already decided on what exactly you need a truck for, these uses may include;

  • Moving house or furniture removal
  • Building goods or supplies
  • Logistics
  • Engineering and construction
  • Mining
  • Hazardous chemical carrying
  • Transportation of refrigerated goods
  • Transporting staff or passengers
  • Delivering goods

The first step is to choose a truck. This will involve determining the size or weight of your load before choosing from a variety of trucks. Our fleet consists of over 2,500 vehicles ranging from 1 ton LDV’s to our 16 ton refrigerated trucks. We offer the widest range of commercial and specialised trucks for hire.

Super Rent truck hire options include;

The second step will mean that you now need to decide on the length of time you will require the truck for and how you will need to fund this. Our services are catered for both private individuals and companies. These services include short, medium and long term hiring options, specialised vehicles, full maintenance leasing and outsourced distribution. Super Rent also allows you the opportunity to open an account with us.

A few more things to consider before hiring a truck

Our checklist:

  • Consider that the cost of hiring a vehicle will not only be affected by the time frame you require the truck for but the distance you intend on travelling will affect this cost too.
  • You will need to know the quantity or weight of the contents you will be transporting to be able to decide on an appropriate vehicle/ truck to hire.
  • Do you have a driver or require one from Super Rent? (Bear in mind that if you will be using your own driver we will require the relevant and necessary paperwork for your driver’s licence, ID documentation etc.).
  • You will need to consider the amount of extra labour you will require when the truck you hire arrives at its destination.

Find Super Rent trucks available for hire, do a quick quote enquiry or contact us for more information today.