Step by Step Process – How to Rent a Truck in Seven Easy Steps

Are you wanting to hire a truck but have no idea where to begin? Super Rent provide you with a step by step process so that your hiring procedure runs smoothly and easily.

1. The first step that new customers must take, is to complete a Credit Application form. Complete the form online.

2. Super Rent have designed an easy to use, editable PDF form. Open the Credit Application PDF form and complete all the required information. You will need the following in order to complete this form; your company registration number, VAT number and ID number for all your directors.

3. The Credit Application form must be signed by an authorised signatory of the company.

4. Print a copy of the Suretyship form which must be signed by all directors and witnessed.

5. List of forms and or supporting documents you will need to make copies of include; copy of your company registration form (CK1), VAT certificate, proof of address and a copy of each director or member’s ID document along with the signed Suretyship form.

6. The penultimate step involves you faxing or emailing a scanned copy of the signed credit application form together with the required supporting documents to your nearest branch or to your sales rep. Find the contact details on our contact us page.

7. Once you have completed this form and chosen the size of the vehicle you will require for your load, super rent will be able to assist you with a truck to rent, no matter what part of South Africa you are situated in.

Still have questions? Some of your questions may already be answered on our FAQ page, visit this page now.

For any further assistance please contact the call centre on 0861 777 368.

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