Truck Hire Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is the idea of renting a truck or vehicle tempting? Is it perhaps something you or your company have to do in order to function properly? Renting a truck can seem overwhelming or complicated and very often puts people off starting the process altogether. Super Rent are trying to make this process easier by offering a small discussion on our frequently asked questions we receive, to make it a little easier for you to wrap your head around…

How do you find a branch near you?

Before starting anything you will need to locate your nearest branch to contact. Finding a Super Rent branch near you has been made convenient and easy, we have branches all over South Africa (including; East and West Rand, Centurion, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Richards Bay, Cape Town, George and Port Elizabeth). All our branch locations and contact numbers are listed on our Contact page and if you have any other questions regarding branch locations, contact us on our national number – 0861 777 368.

How do I choose the correct size vehicle?

Our entire fleet is available for you to browse on our website. We have conveniently listed the cargo capacity as well as some common uses for the specific vehicles. If you need exact measurements/size dimensions of vehicles or models, please contact us directly. Browse our fleet of trucks, cars and other vehicles.

What happens in the event of an accident or if the vehicle were to break down?

There is absolutely no reason to panic or fear, Super Rent offers a 24-hour breakdown and replacement service to ensure you or the driver stay on the road. In the event of an accident or break down, please contact 0861 777 368 and Super Rent will take care of the rest.

Do I receive petrol with the hired vehicle?

Super Rent are super generous and make sure that all vehicles have a full tank of fuel upon your arrival. We do ask that you return the favour and ensure that the hired car, van or truck is returned with a full tank too. If you run out of time or forget to do this, we can simply fill it ourselves and send you the bill.

Do I need to drive the vehicle or organise a driver?

If you or the driver of your choice have the correct drivers licence for the specific vehicle you choose to hire, then they may drive it. If you do not know of a driver or don’t wish to deal with all the paperwork that comes with hiring someone yourself, Super Rent offers qualified and reliable drivers and van assistants if you should need them!

Are vehicles / drivers protected?

All Super Rent vehicles have satellite tracking installed for your peace of mind and ours! Should a theft or hijacking of the hired vehicle occur, we will be able to locate it.

Are the Super Rent vehicles insured?

Our clients have 2 options;

1. Use their own insurance
2. Use the Super Rent insurance cover

Super Rent are happy with whichever option works better for you or is easier for you/your business.

If you have never hired a vehicle from Super Rent, here are the first steps you will need to take;

All new customers are required to fill in a Credit Application, once this has been completed, an account will be opened for you (this is in line with the NCA). Follow the steps and send all the documentation to Super Rent. And then you will be on your way to hiring a vehicle from Super Rent.

Finally, what are our payment methods?

Super Rent only work with accounts. Once you have opened an account with us (see above), our terms are 30 days from the statement date.

Now that we have made things a little easier to understand, would you like to start you hiring process? Want to hire a truck or hire a vehicle? Contact Super Rent today.