What exactly should you be considering when it comes to hiring a truck?

Step 1

The first things you need to consider: cost, reliability, service, experience and quality of the business before settling on a company. At Super Rent, we focus on providing you with exceptional service and support through a national network of branches located in all major cities. Our truck hire boasts over 2,500 vehicles to choose from.

Step 2

It is now time to decide on the services you require, specifically the size of the vehicle you will need and of course how long you need the vehicle for.

Time: Will you need a short,medium or long term hire?

Type of Vehicle: Decide on the type of vehicle you need for your specific requirements. Choose from a range of Vehicles.

Here is a list of USES for specific vehicles to help you decide on what you may need:

Drop Side Trucks – furniture, engineering, building and logistics.

Curtain Side Trucks – Moving electrical appliances, forklift manoeuvrability, palletized objects and logistics.

Flat Bed Trucks – Building and logistics.

Refrigerated Trucks – Transportation of refrigerated goods.

Crane Trucks – Engineering, construction and mining.

Hazchem Trucks – Transporting dangerous goods.

Vans – These vehicles have endless capabilities for smaller errands.

Panel Vans – Furniture removal, moving electrical appliances, clothing, pharmaceuticals and logistics.

Light Vehicles – These include; car hire, bakkie hire, single cab or double cab depending on the load you are transporting.

Passenger Bus – 8 seater buses and 14 seater buses depending on how many people you are transporting.

Step 3

Contact the company to make any last enquiries and to set up dates and period of hire.

Find out more or make arrangements to hire one of our trucks on our website.