Why Hire?

The Benefits of Hiring Trucks rather than Purchasing Your Own

Ever compared your house rental problems with your businesses’ transport rental? Ever wondered if you might be paying for someone else’s investment, much like when you pay off someone else’s bond?

Well, there is no need to worry…the benefits of hiring a truck versus buying your own, are endless and are outlined here by Super Rent.

The main reasons you want to be hiring, rather than purchasing, are that your business does not need to pay for insurance of the vehicles, maintenance costs or licence fees. The licensing of these vehicles alone, could cause a bigger dent in your pocket than the size of the vehicle itself! Your business does not need to worry about your truck/trucks being a bad investment either, the depreciation of the value of the vehicle is our problem! When your requirements change (fleet or truck size), changes can be made to tailor the needs of your business and that’s without having to sell or buy new vehicles. We offer over 2,500 commercial and specialised trucks and vans for hire. All you need to worry about is what you are loading onto the truck and where it is going!

Starting a new business is difficult enough as it is too. When hiring trucks, you will not have the added stress of upfront costs. You can use the money you would have borrowed, on other business investments or costs. There is also no risk of misuse of transport/unauthorised trips being taken in your vehicles. The vehicles are also serviced at regular intervals for added peace of mind. We are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and offer short, medium and long term hire.

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